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What is VoiceOut?

VoiceOut is an application compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

VoiceOut for Outlook: An icon appears within the toolbar whenever creating, replying to, or forwarding an email.

VoiceOut for Chrome/Firefox: An  icon appears on your browser window, next to the address bar and in the Extensions/Add-in list.

Selecting this icon allows you to easily create a voice recording and have it automatically attached to the email as an MP3 or AAC file.

What are the system requirements for VoiceOut?

VoiceOut for Outlook works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, in both 32 bit and 64 bit configurations. It has been tested for compatibility on Outlook 2007 onward.

VoiceOut for Chrome/Firefox works on Chrome or Firefox browsers for Windows, major Linux distributions and MacOS.

If you experience any error or warning when downloading VoiceOut, contact us through the form on this page and select the option “Technical support”.

How can I download VoiceOut?

There are 3 main ways:

  • Download a trial version from
  • Buy a licence from and download it after completing the checkout
  • Select the the “Download Latest Version” from homepage

If you have downloaded the trial version, you do not need to download it again when buying a licence!

What currency will I be charged in?

The charge will be in AUD (Australian Dollars). The credit/debit card circuit or PayPal will take care of converting the amount from your home currency to Australian Dollars.

By clicking on a currency in the top right hand, you will see the approximate equivalent in USD and Euro and exact amount in AUD if selecting that currency.

Installation and Usage

How do I install/update VoiceOut?

The process slightly varies depending on the version you are installing, but is quick and simple for all the platforms.

VoiceOut for Outlook: After completing the download, simply run the installer and follow the setup prompts! VoiceOut will be installed/updated on your machine.

VoiceOut for Chrome: Using your Chrome browser, open this page and click on “Add extension”. Chrome will manage automatically the updates.

VoiceOut for Firefox: After completing the download, reach the page about:addons on your Firefox browser, then click on the small settings icon on the topmost part of the page and select “Install Add-on From File…”. Select your downloaded VoiceOut.xpi add-on and after this VoiceOut will be installed/updated on your machine.

What if I receive a security/antivirus warning when downloading/installing VoiceOut?

Please contact us through the form on this page and select the option “Technical support”.

When will I see the VoiceOut icon?

VoiceOut for Outlook: You will see the VoiceOut icon each time you create a new email, respond to a previous email or forward an email.

VoiceOut for Chrome/Firefox: You will see the VoiceOut icon on your browser, that will allow you to add voice messages to your existing drafts even without opening your email!

How many times can I use VoiceOut within an email?

Multiple attachments can be created through VoiceOut by selected the VoiceOut icon again after attaching a recording.

What happens when I click again on record after stopping the recording?

Moving the time selection on an existing portion of recording will effectively overwrite that section. Use this feature if you need to edit something in your recording.

Otherwise, clicking on record again, would simply allow you to resume your recording from when you left it previously.

What audio file type should I select in my VoiceOut settings?

VoiceOut compression system is tuned to compress the audio without a significant impact on voice quality and clarity. To achieve the highest possible quality for marginally larger files select the AAC settings in the options menu of your VoiceOut installation.

If your priority is instead smaller audio files and the largest compatibility, even across older devices, selecting MP3 is the best choice.


For how long can I use the trial version of VoiceOut?

You are allowed to test VoiceOut for 7 days from the date of installation. During this time your trial will allow you to record and attach as many messages as you want, without restrictions.

After the trial time is expired, you will be prompted to insert a licence to keep using the software.

How long does the licence last?

Unless otherwise specified, the licences have no expiry.

Is the licence per-user or per-machine?

A licence is for a single installation (either Outlook, Chrome or Firefox) on a single device. Any user logged onto that device can therefore use VoiceOut on the licensed software.

If you plan to use multiple versions of VoiceOut on the same machine, or to use VoiceOut on multiple machines, you will need to purchase additional licences.

How does single or multi-licences work?

You can purchase a single licence or multiple licences. You will be issued one licence key for each purchase, so multiple licences have the clear advantage of being easier to manage (no need to save or remember different codes).

If you have purchased multiple licences in a single purchase, the one licence key issued can be applied against as many devices as units purchased.

How do I enter my licence key?

When unlicenced, VoiceOut will ask you if you want to enter your licence key every time you click on the VoiceOut icon.

Once you have purchased a licence key (you can find it in your email), you can simply copy and paste it on the VoiceOut interface and it will be activated.

Once your licence key has been entered and accepted, you will not need to enter it again, unless moving the licence to a different device (see “How do I transfer a licence from one device to another?”)

Note: if you have downloaded the trial version, you do not need to download again when buying a licence.

How do I transfer my licence from a device to another?

The procedure is different for a single licence key or multiple licence key.

Single licence
You just have to download and install VoiceOut on your new installation and then enter the same licence key you used in your old installation. You will be asked for confirmation to proceed; this will deactivate the licence on your previous device/software.

Multiple licences
If you try to activate a new device after having reached the maximum number of activations available under your licence, you will be presented a screen that enables you to select the installation to deactivate. This screen will show both a unique identifier of the installation and the relevant original activation date.

What if I receive a warning when inserting my licence key or when launching VoiceOut?

Please, contact us through the form on this page and select the option “Licencing support”.

Do not forget to use the same email address you used to purchase the licence to allow us to quickly trace your order and check the status of your licence key!

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