VoiceOut Quickstart Guide

VoiceOut has been designed to be simple and efficient. You will be able to attach voice messages to any email without any complex change to your applications or configurations.

Once installed, in 3 clicks you can have your voice message recorded and attached to any email you send. The receiver will simply have to click on the voice recording to play it with any media-player!

Follow these easy steps to start including voice messages in your emails with VoiceOut!

Run the VoiceOut installer

Run the VoiceOut installer by clicking on the file that you have just downloaded. Note that you must have administrative rights on your computer to successfully install it!

Now simply follow the on screen prompts. It’s easy!

Not downloaded yet? Get VoiceOut from here!

Download VoiceOut

Launch VoiceOut in Outlook

VoiceOut can be launched when writing an email in Outlook (either write a new email or reply to one).

Click on the VoiceOut icon to open VoiceOut!

Note that, if you have not yet inserted your licence key, you will be asked for it in this phase.
If you do not yet have a key, you can still proceed for a trial!

Record your voice message

Simply click on “Record” and record  your voice message. Once done, stop the recording.

You can now record again the voice message (deleting the previous recording), play the recorded message and rename it.

Get ready for the last step!

Attach, Send, Repeat!

You can now “Attach” the voice message to your email, or click on “Attach and Send” to immediately send the email with the voice message!

You can also add multiple voice messages to a single email.

The trial version will allow you to send a maximum of 10 voice messages for free. After that you will need to insert a licence key.

Done! You have just discovered the fastest way to email with VoiceOut!

For a detailed FAQ with additional technical or licencing info click on the support link!